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The streets of Khmelnytsky

From the first record (the year of 1431) of Khmelnytskyi (Ploskyriv, Proskuriv) till the beginning of 19th century it was a small settlement with the population of up to 3 thousand people. Practically it was built in random way where only two streets were clearly delineated – one post road towards Kamyanets-Podilskyi and another one toward Letychiv (nowadays Kamyanetska and Proskurivska streets). The heavy fire of 1822 brought the suffering to the town. The fire destroyed almost all wooden structures of Proskuriv. Nevertheless this fire was powerful incentive to complete rebuilding with further extension of the town. In 1824 the Proskuriv’s general planning scheme with distinguished streets was approved. All main streets of Proskuriv’s town centre were built using that very planning scheme. Within the next few years, the town expanded little by little and the good move to this was particularly the construction of the railway in 1870. The year 1888 brought the designing of a new town plan with some designated priorities – the lands along the railway towards west and the lands in the outskirts of “Dubove” were assigned to the military department. 



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