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Tourist attractions

Welcome to Khmelnytskyi!!!

Khmelnytsky is a very interesting and hospitable city which is always glad to welcome tourists. On the territory of the city there is a future prospect for the development of certain kinds of tourism: youth, children, family, green, culture-cognitive.

Khmelnytsky is called to be a region where dreams come true.


Places of interest in Khmelnytskyi region

Sataniv is the best recreational place of the region. Among the architectures of national importance are the following...


Relicts of monumental arts, Parks and greenery

There are many relicts of monumental art connected with the Great Patriotic war -the Eternal Fire, the Eternal frame Monument, Military cemetery, the tank monument in honor of military troops, the Angel of grief, the monument to ukrainian hero Bohdan Khmelnytsky...


Leisure institutions

Starytskyi music and drama theater...



(c) Хмельницька міська рада, виконавчий комітет
(c) Офіційний сайт розроблений і супроводжується ХМКП "Хмельницькінфоцентр"
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Поштова адреса:
вул. Гагаріна, 3
м. Хмельницький
29013, Україна
тел./факс: (0382) 76 45 02